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Madanapalle market sets new trend for Tomato

Tomato price at Madanapalle market continues to be stable while in the neighbouring markets in Anantapur district
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Tomatoes Finding New Markets in Dubai

Tomatoes brought by farmers to an open auction market at Narayangaon along the Pune-Nashik highway are finding new markets in Dubai. According to traders, this season at least one lakh tonne of tomatoes have been exported from Narayangaon alone to Dubai.
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AP Govt Initiate Steps to Construct a New Tomato Market in Madanapalle

Agriculture Minister Prattipati Pulla Rao on Friday said that the AP State government would initiate steps to construct a new tomato market in Madanapalle soon
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Tomato Market News: Hike in Tomato Prices

Retail prices of tomatoes have crossed Rs 80/kg at many places in south India. During last fortnight, tomato prices have more than doubled across the country, while retail prices have crossed Rs 80/kg at many places in south India, with no respite in sight for next two months.
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Tomato Price Rise Pushes Demand for 'Quick-Fix Solution'.

According to latest survey done by ASSOCHAM, due to steep rise in prices of tomatoes, more and more people have turned over to this 'quick-fix solution' like tomato puree/ ketchup which has shot up by 20-25% within two weeks to keep their kitchen budget intact. According Survey Demand for tomato puree/ ketchup increase by 25 pc.
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Hike in Tomato Prices Because of Supply Shortage.

Pune, Maharashtra: The berry that adds a special tang to Indian curries is going beyond the reach of ordinary consumers with its price soaring to Rs 40-60 a kg. Vegetable traders expect the retail tomato price to remain in this range for the next fortnight at least.

On 20th November 2015, good quality tomatoes commanded Rs 42/kg in the city's wholesale market. The fallout in retailers' outlets was Rs 50/kg on an average. The hike in retail rates of tomato is a result of upward swing of wholesale prices because of supply shortage.

According to the data released by the Agricultural Produce Marketing Commitee, the daily inflow of tomatoes into the city has been quite erratic over the past week. While 987 quintals were received on 20th November , merely 750 quintals had reached the city on 16th November.

On 18th November, 1,252 quintals had reached the city. This, when the season's average daily inflow is upwards of 1,300 quintals, which was being met up to the week before Diwali.

untimely rain affected the tomato crop, prompting the price rise, said Anna Gule, the in-charge of the fruits and vegetables sub-section of the wholesale market. also he said, "Pune gets its tomatoes from nearby areas like Baramati, Ahmednagar and also from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Because of crop loss, the total supply reaching the city has been quite low. The situation is likely to prevail for at least the next two weeks."

Retailers said the situation was actually slightly better than before but declined to speculate on the trend for the next few days. According to vegetables retailer M K Gupta of Vadgaonsheri, all varieties of tomatoes are registering a price rise. he said "I am currently selling good quality tomatoes in the range of Rs 40-45 per kg. A couple of days ago, the price had touched even Rs 60. The supply reaching the city in the next few days will decide what course the price takes."