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Climatic Requirement for Tomato Cultivation.

While thinking about tomato cultivation, we have to consider the climatic requirements because it is very important factor in successful tomato farming.

Tomato requires warm climate as well as cool climate, but it is a warm season crop. Tomato plant do not want frost and high humidity.

Pigmentation, fruit set, fruit colour are affected by light intensity.

For seed germination, seedling growth, flowering, etc. it requires different-different climatic range.

Physiological activities slow down when plant tissues are adversely affected by above 380C and below 100C temperature.

Tomato plants thrives well in temperature 100C to 300C with optimum range of temperature is 21-240C.

The temperature below 160C and above 270C are not desirable.

Tomato plants requires low to medium rainfall. It does not withstand frost and does well under average monthly temperature of 21 to 230C.

Sometimes fruit cracking is also happen because of of long dry and water stress, so avoiding long dry and water stress is good for tomato fruits.

At the time of fruit set, bright sunshine is very good for colour of fruits, because bright sunshine helps to develop dark red coloured fruits

At the period of seed germination temperature requirement is minimum 110C, Maximum 340C and suitable temperature is 16-29.

At the period of seedling growth temperature requirement is minimum 180C, Maximum 320C and suitable temperature is 21-24.

At the period of Fruit set temperature requirement at day is minimum 100C, Maximum 300C and suitable temperature is 15-17, While at night is minimum 180C, Maximum 300C and suitable temperature is 20-24.

At the period of Red colour development, temperature requirement is minimum 100C, Maximum 300C and suitable temperature is 20-24.