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Tomato Cultivation: Process of Tomato Planting

1. Tomato plants require being set deeply in the soil, like up to their first leaves. Sor for this reason choose an area where the soil is deep

2. If tomatoes have been living in a warm, controlled environment like a greenhouse, cold frame then they need a little time to get used to the wilder climate outside. Give them a few days to adjust to the harsh sunlight, strong wind and swinging temperatures by bringing them outside for a few hours, then increasing to half a day, a full day, and finally a day and night.

3. Tomato transplants are particularly sensitive to cold, and cannot withstand a frost. Frosts can occur when temperatures reach below 40 degrees. Wait to transplant when there is below 40. Be prepared for late season cold swings with protective barrier such as row cover.

4. Tomato plants will need 2 feet of space in between them, and 3-5 feet of space from other rows.

5. Transplant tomato plants on a cloudy day or if it is not then plan toward the end of the day, when soil and air temperatures cool and the sun is would not scorch the young plants.

6. Snip off the bottom-most branches and leaves of the seedlings before putting tomatoes in the ground.

7. Don’t break the roots while taking seedlings out of their pots.

8. To help the plant acclimate faster thus resulting in speedier growth, so do the loosening the roots.

9. Dig the holes wide and deep to accommodate the plant.

10. Water your seedlings heavily immediately after transplanting; then hydrate them only when the soil dries out.