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Tomato Cultivation India

Tomato Crop Land preparation

Deep ploughing is recommended which is to be followed by cross cultivation with cultivator. The land needs to be levelled before transplanting of the tomato Land preparation is the first step before planting tomatoes.

Land preparation consists of proper grading, subsoiling to break up compacted layers, listing, and final bed preparation.

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Tomato Transplanting

At 59, 68 and 77 degrees F soil temperature, tomato seed require 14, 8 and 6 days, respectively, for emergence when planted ½ inch deep.

Typically, 5- to 6-week old tomato seedlings are transplanted into the field. As with most similar vegetable crops, container-grown transplants are preferred over bare root plants.

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Tomato Crop Irrigation

Rainfall amounts are often erratic during the growing season, and tomatoes are often grown in sandy soils with low water holding capacity.

This combination of factors makes supplemental irrigation necessary for commercial tomato production.
Quality of irrigated tomatoes is also much better.

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crop soil requirements

Well drained sandy loam soil with high level of organic contents is best suitable for tomato cultivation. Soils with high acidity are not suitable for tomato cultivation.

Three to 4 q of suitable lime can be applied in the field in an interval of three years to reduce the level of acidity to tolerable limits.

There is a need to go for soil testing at the beginning of the crop season.

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Tomato Planting Time

Tomato plants need night temperature above 32°F and daytime temperatures above 60°F. They are readily killed by a light frost.

A week of cool daytime temperatures (below 55°F) will stunt plants, reducing yields.

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